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My wife, Michelle, and I operate an electrical contracting company in Brunswick, Ohio.

About 6 years ago, we donated a dining room remodel to a home that takes care of 22 children that suffer from severe mental retardation.
Through that experience, we realized that for us, success is helping other people.

We wrote what the meaning of success is to us:

“Help as many people as you can.” “In as many ways as you can.” “For as long as you
can.” “Ask nothing in return.”

One of the issues that is closest to our hearts and also a priority, is helping families with children that are dying.

We started doing this about 2 years ago and decided to make it a charity.

We named it ByYourSide.

It’s with profound sadness that we say, we grant the child’s last wish to have the parents there with them during the final months they have left to live.