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“So you can be by their side”

Is a non – profit organization that takes away a parent’s painful dilemma of having to go to work and leave a dying child alone or stay with the child and lose everything.

Located in Brunswick Ohio, ByYourSide founders, Dave and Michelle Murrell, were struck with the painful realization of the pain and suffering that families of dying children have to endure when they have to be away from the child.

Once a family learns that the doctors have done all that they could do and tells them……”take your child home and make them as comfortable as possible”, we step in and fund their living expenses so they can remain by their child’s side day and night.

We find families that have children that are dying. The hospitals have stopped treatment and told them just go home, get your affairs in order and give them the best most comfortable lifestyle you can. These families we work with can’t afford to stay with the child through the whole end process of dying. These families have already been financially torn apart with years of hospitalization, medical bills, travel expenses, missing work and trying to spend time with them in the hospital.

By the time the devastating reality that the child is going to pass away becomes a reality, the families are already in such a financial bind that their one paycheck away from losing all of their valuable possessions, including their home.

To give the families a peace of mind and afford them the ability to stay at their child’s side, we replace their working income.

We received a notification from a close friend about a woman who was in dire need of our help. Distraught at the prospect of having to go to work and having to miss out on precious hours of being with her son, coupled with the frightening thought that he could pass away while she was at work, was in her words, “more than she could bear.” She knew the time was close and she was determined to be there when he died, but she was concerned about all the time she was missing in that last week or two. So, we funded her for one month. It breaks our hearts that her son died two weeks into that.

She was able to spend the last two weeks with her son while never having to leave his side.

To sum up what ByYourSide is about and what we do: We grant the child’s last wish to have their loved ones with them when they die.

ByYourSide About Us from Evan Laisure on Vimeo.